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TickaD started this conversation
I am a mother of three. I have a 2 yr old, a 4 year old and a 6 year old (step-daughter). Last year I was involved in a tragic accident where a little boy was behind my car in a parkinglot while I was backing up and did not see him. He passed away a few hours later. my life went down hill since then, with the depression taking over my life, i lost my car, my home, my schooling and everything i worked so hard for. I am now back on my feet in a fabulous new home but dont have any extra money because evrything I DO get goes to the bills. We have been just skimming by with my TANF check of $485 / mo. I need help with christmas presents. If anyone knows of websites or organizations to help get toys and clothes for the holidays (cheap/free)Please let me know. thank you...
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Regarding gree toys and gifts I think???not sure if they still do it, but sometimes the Toys for TOTS program gives to children and or the firestations offer little gifts during holidays.

Talk to oceanb
big texas liar your area...if you are for tots...local goodwill and thrift shops and garage sales have lots of bargains....have you considered baby sitting since you are a stay at home mom...get certified...cpr and first aide....advertise on craigs list....

Talk to big texas liar